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  Welcome to Law Department , Puducherry

The Law Department is an independent Secretariat in the Government of Puducherry.

The Directorate of Prosecution is a wing of the Law Department


Annual Publication of Notaries

List of Notaries

Appointment of Law Officers at Puducherry

Thiru M. Nakeeran, Government Pleader
Thiru N.K. Perumal, Public Prosecutor
Thiru C. Vetriveeramani, Additional Government Pleader
Thiru M.V Ramachandra Murthy, Addl. Public Prosecutor & SPP (POC&SC/ST Act)
Thiru R. Soundrarajan, Assistant Public Prosecutor (Commercial Taxes)
Thiru N. Balamourougan, Special Public Prosecutor (POCSO Act, 2012)
Thiru S. Mouttouvel, Special Public Prosecutor (Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006)
Thiru N. Pakkiri, Assistant Public Prosecutor (Part-Time)
Thiru S. Patcheappan, Assistant Public Prosecutor (Consolidated)
Thiru R. Praveen Kumar, Assistant Public Prosecutor (Consolidated)
Thiru I. Prakash, Assistant Public Prosecutor (Consolidated)
Thiru A. Santhosh Kumar, Assistant Public Prosecutor (Consolidated)
Thiru M.S. Maruthupandiyan, Special Public Prosecutor

Appointment of Law Officers at Karaikal

Thiru A.V.J.Selvamuthukumaran, Addl. Govt. Pleader-cum-Addl. Public Prosecutor
Thiru J. Senthil Raghavan, Special Public Prosecutor(PoCSO Act,2012)
Thiru S. Krishnavelu, Special Public Prosecutor(Food Safety and Standards Act,2006)
Thiru A. Senthilkumar, Addl. Asst. Public Prosecutor

Appointment of Law Officers at Mahe

Thiru P.K. Valsaraj, Asst. Public Prosecutor-cum-Asst. Govt. Pleader

Appointment of Law Officers at Yanam

Asst.Public Prosecutor-cum-AGP - vacant

Appointment of Law Officers at High Court, Madras

Thiru A. Gandhiraj, Government Pleader
Thiru D. Bharatha Chakravarthy, Public Prosecutor
Thiru R. Syed Mustafa, Special Govt. Pleader, Service Matters (Writs)
Thiru R. Syed Mustafa, Special Govt. Pleader, CAT
Special Govt. Pleader, Service Matters (Writs) - vacant
Additional Governemnt Pleader - vacant
Thiru C.T. Rammesh, Additional Government Pleader
Thiru Majeti Natarajan, Addl. Govt. Pleader
Tmt. V. Usha @ Shyaamala, Additional Government Pleader
Thiru B. Nambiselvan, Additional Government Pleader
Addl. Public Prosecutor - vacant
Addl. Public Prosecutor - vacant
Thiru J. Kumaran, Government Advocates
Tmt. S. Devie, Government Advocates
Government Advocates - vacant
Government Advocates - vacant

Last Update : 04.10.2018


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